Mindless ban-jammin’. I am terrible at it, be warned.

So I had this terrible idea of doing a small Q&A video where I would read your questions and reply to them. It was hell for me to record this, haha. Also, sorry for the shitty quality in advance. Anyway, thanks to the two guys that didn’t leave me hanging & liked me enough to ask me stuff. Check a link to their blogs below!



The webcomic I refer to in this video:


If you enjoyed this awkward little video, let me know! Attach a question while you’re at it & there might be a part two for all this. Also, if you fancy a sword pillow, check my etsy store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/stefiecakes

EDIT: And by the way, since I speak like a moron it sounds like I said I CAN’T make gulasch & knödles… but I can! Hence the awkward invitation.