There comes a time in every adult’s life when odd jobs become a must due to eternal bankruptcy. Or maybe not. But in my case, my wallet’s dry-spell has been driving me insane lately. I have a dog to feed. That’s why I’ve decided to open…


For the littlest amount of money you can actually have an all-new, all-original doodle made especially for you by yours truly. I draw with a lot of love, too, but I’ll throw that in as a free delicious extra. So, what’s the drill?

  • Character Sketch* (Inked, No background) - $5.00USD
  • Character Illustration** (Colored, No background) - $10.00USD
  • Full Illustration*** (Up to 2 Characters; Colored, Background) - $15.00USD

Wow, that’s super affordable! Don’t miss the chance of getting yourself, your loved ones or you ideas immortalized in solid pixels. Let your cash flow my way! Order now through PayPal at


Character sketch & illustration is limited to one character per commission only. These are digital doodles only. A list of the commissionees will be uploaded & updated frequently to determine which doodle comes first & what has been done. For a Full Illustration, you can request having it made according to half-letter printing specifications, if desired.

* Top left, right side.

** Top right.

*** Bottom.